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Welcome to 12 Month Payday

12 Month Payday are experts in providing 12 month loans. Our product is commonly referred to as a ’logbook loan’;that is a loan secured against your vehicle therebyallowing you to release the cash in your car, van or motorbike.

Why a 12 month loan?

Our loans are designed to provide a short term solution to your current financial requirements. We aim to match your current budget with the most affordable repayment terms.

If you require a loan for a term longer than 12 months, we do offer longer terms such as 18 months, 24 months or 36 months.

An alternative to payday loans?

Logbook loans are an alternative choice to a payday loan. Whilst a payday loan is shorter as it is usually for less than 30 days, this by its very nature, makes it potentially less manageable. By taking a Logbook loan, you have the option of spreading repayments over a longer and more manageable period.

Additionally the logbook loans that we offer have no set up fees and no early settlement penalty. You can pay the loan off as early as you wish.

What exactly are these loans?

Here are three ofthe main benefits of loans from 12 Month Payday.

  1. Fast Application– One of the fastest, simplest and most convenient ways to apply is through our online application form. Once we receive your enquiry, one of our New Business Team will be in contact to discuss your requirements within minutes (during working hours). We do appreciate that many people require loans for emergencies, and during an emergency, every minute counts.
  2. Flexible loans and repayments- While most people choose to get loans in round or easily memorable numbers (such as £1,000, £2,000 or £2,500), there is no requirement for this with 12 Month Payday. You can apply for the exact amount you require and subject to eligibility and affordability we will assist. We understand that while many people find making payments at the very beginning, middle or end of the month are easiest, this may not suit everyone. Some people prefer to benefit from lower payments by making payments weekly. We will work with you to suit your budget.
  3. No fees- We know that you already have enough things to worry about without the additional burden of fees therefore we do not charge any set up fees for our loans; we are a direct lender not a broker. You can settle your agreement early without penalty too!

Get in touch with our New Business Team without delay and let us find the best solution for you.